Located in closed vicinity to Penang Silicon Valley, we operate from 400,000-square-foot facility built up on a 10 acres land, just 30 minutes away from Penang International Airport. The facility accommodates all our business support units which include Engineering, Quality and Supply Chain Management. From here, we connect ourselves to places all over the world.
Class 10K Clean Room   Top Notch Machining Center
We continuously upgrade facilities to meet stringent requirement from customer. With the investment of Class 10K clean room and Automated Ultrasonic Degreasing Machine, we are committed and capable to support and meet the medical and other critical product requirement.

     Our great success anchors on our strong in-house support in high precision tool making. Equipped with high top notch machinery such as CNC Milling, CNC Wire cut and CNC EDM, we are able to enjoy faster Turnaround Time for tool making which eventually translated into shortertime-to-market for customer product release.

High Precision Molding & Stamping   Robotics Manufacturing
To maintain our competitiveness, we believe in investment for cutting edge machines. Equipped with plastic injection molding machines ranging from 40T to 1300T, we are capable to produce various precision parts using Engineering Plastic materials up to 40% glass filled. Our expertise in Gas Assist Injection Molding continue to position ourselves as preferred solution provider in molding. Furthermore, our electric injection molding machines also enable us to meet our customer stringent requirement. Besides that, our investment in stamping press ranging from 110T to 300T has also grown our capability in providing one-stop solutions to customers.   Accuracy is not just our only aim. Consistency is also part of our assurance to our customers. As the results of this, we also invested in state-of-the-art technologies in robotics manufacturing such as Robotics Spot Welding machine and robotics MIG welding machine. This is in line with our efforts un enhancing customer satisfaction through low DPPM and differentiate us from others.